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We Believe Partnership Is Proven

Partnership, Trust, and Confidence: these are words that are commonly over-promised and under-delivered. At Conduit Digital, these words mean something to us. From the minute we begin working with your agency, it is our team’s sole goal to prove our partnership, earn your trust, and justify your confidence, every single day.

Conduit Digital has over 8 years of hands-on experience across 95 markets and thousands of monthly accounts. We provide seamless onboarding, execution, communication, and reporting in the most frictionless and trackable ways possible. Our process provides your Agency with complete transparency, enabling your team to provide your clients with all necessary data and information in an easily digestible way!










The Ultimate Client Experience

Partnership with Conduit Digital means we are in it together. When you connect with us, your agency is immediately assigned a dedicated Agency Manager to help navigate our partnership.

In addition, you will have access to our Client Experience (CX) Specialists to ensure our team, along with your agency & clients are always communicating effectively towards a common goal. With a streamlined communication platform at your disposal and a brand compliance co-op team ready to assist with any tricky co-op campaigns, you can have peace of mind knowing that we are right there with you.

Your dedicated Conduit Agency Manager will be there every step of the way to help guide your Growth Journey. As your Agency point of contact, your Agency Manager is responsible for Support, Coaching, and Training. As an extension of your team, your Agency Manager will help maximize the most efficient use of both budget and services to reach agency KPI’s and drive client ROI!

Your agency Client Experience (CX) Associate is a dedicated communication specialist! As your campaign point of contact, your CX Team is ready to answer any question, comment, or concern your Team or Clients may have related to each individual campaign. Problems are inevitable. But with swift, concise, and effective communication driven by your CX Team, you will be able to proactively communicate and stay in front of any curveballs that may come your way!

Experience a worry-free communication process with Conduit Digital. Gone are the days of phone tag and missed messages. Conduit uses a streamlined communication platform to ensure all messages, assets, links, and processes are easily accessible for any member of your agency’s team.

Working on a co-op marketing campaign with a big brand can be scary. Thankfully, Conduit’s Brand Compliance Co-Op Team has the experience to help your local clients connect and thrive with their big-name providers to create marketing campaigns that are both brand-compliant and ROI-driven.

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Conduit Digital provides an in-depth Product Playbook to help your Agency fully understand the suite of services you’re offering in order to maximize every opportunity that presents itself. Additionally, the Agency Playbook will give your Agency Team everything you need to seamlessly work with the Conduit Digital Team and incrementally grow your agency portfolio.

Conduit’s Product Playbook gives you the tools you need to understand and explain all of the details and deliverables to your clients. Our expert analysts have carefully crafted each product playbook to help your agency best understand the products and get the most out of them.

To an agency, account churn is evil; the equivalent of running backward down the dark highway of inefficiency. Clients often leave due to a lack of tangible results or for some new product offering that your agency doesn’t offer. Conduit Digital and our Agency Partners have an incredibly low churn rate because we analyze, optimize, strategize, and agonize to make sure that we deliver for you and your client! Conduit’s Agency Playbook walks your Agency through the best ways to leverage your Conduit Connection. A detailed menu of Agency-Level Services is available to help guide your Growth Journey!


Revolutionary Reporting

As a Conduit Agency Partner, your Agency Manager will help you to unlock unparalleled data reporting. Your Agency Performance Dashboard is your all-in-one interactive hub while your clients receive a unique and customizable Live Report, each filled with frequent insights, optimizations, suggestions, and campaign narratives.

Gone are the days of excel spreadsheets to show client data and reporting. Conduit’s unique, fully customizable Live Report represents an incredible, revolutionary approach to your clients’ data. Experience how an easy-to-read and understand Live Report with optimizations, insights, and narratives on your clients’ campaigns can help you provide unparalleled service.

Your agency dashboard is a valuable resource for every member of your agency’s team. This interactive hub contains a breakdown of all of your digital dollars with Conduit including current month billing and renewals, historical billing and trends, as well as a Live Report analytics tracker.

Conduit Digital Live Report

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Comprehensive Resource Center

Your Agency Manager will guide you through our comprehensive resource center, featuring a case study library to help you crush sales and RFPs, product calculators, and our FAQ Knowledge Base that will answer virtually any question you or your clients may have.

With experience delivering incredible results for over 1,500 monthly clients, there isn’t a problem we haven’t solved! You will have access to our vast library of in-depth case studies, where you can see exactly how we solved problems and drove solutions for clients just like yours! Use our data and insights in your pitch decks, RFPs, and more!

Conduit Digital’s team of experts has seen just about every problem or question imaginable throughout our experience driving results for our agency partners’ clients. Tap into our vast knowledge base with in-depth FAQs that will answer any product-specific or campaign-specific questions you or your clients may have.

Ever have trouble coming up with the right CPM in order to maximize your margin and your client’s performance, all while having a clear understanding of expectations? Look no further, our calculators will help you do just this, and more!

Plus Much, Much More

  • Custom Sales Pitches

  • Monthly Training

  • Campaign Attribution Reporting

  • Strategic Campaign Guidance

  • Monthly Agency Call

  • Co-Op Team

  • And More!

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Agency Pricing


$845 / month

Our Live Report will provide your client's with in-depth access to their campaign performance 24/7. This report is provided to every client as part of the Conduit experience!

Your dedicated Client Experience Associate will guide your Account Executives through the day-to-day of their client's campaigns. This person will handle all of your orders, revisions, and day-to-day communication!

You don't have to wait until your monthly call to see your agencies overall performance. Your agency dashboard will house all of your agency's financial performance, campaign run dates, coin usage/availability, live report links, trend insight, and more!

Email is not the most efficient way to run process at scale. We utilize Teamwork PM, a high-level project management platform that will house all agency and client information and communication!

We're here to help you. We have a robust resource center that contains success stories for you to include in proposals, helpful one sheets on both process and sales, and a thorough FAQ section!

You will have access to run campaigns across the entire Conduit Digital marketing suite of services from the moment you sign up!

Your team will receive a detailed playbook breaking down how to maximize your Conduit Partnership. Your team will also receive a detailed product playbook housing pertinent information and sales insight for your new suite of services!

Your dedicated Agency Solutions Manager will guide your agency through the Conduit experience. We want to ensure you are receiving tremendous value and maximizing your digital opportunity!

We are passionate about maximizing your value and providing the best agency experience possible. Your monthly Agency Review Call will be where we review your agency's growth, product diversification, challenges, and opportunities!

Each month your dedicated Agency Growth Manager will provide a summary of campaign performance, agency growth, KPIs, highlight, and opportunities within your Agency Dashboard!

The Live Report will not only house your logo, but the Conduit logo will be removed and the report will be branded to your agency colors!

The Conduit team will be available to join your team on client calls. We will represent your business in a white-label fashion if desired. 30 minutes of Client interaction is included per month, while additional time can be purchased at a rate of $99 per half-hour.


Completely Custom

Schedule a call with us to discuss if your agency requires more support, has custom needs, or is simply looking to expand on the packages shown here.

All Enterprise agencies receive custom deliverables and custom pricing. Reach out if you would like to set up a call to discuss!

Ready to get started?



Our Onboarding Process Is As Easy As 1-2-3-4-5

Conduit FAQ

There is not, you simply need to have one (1) account active with Conduit and your monthly membership fee in order to reap all of the benefits provided!

There is no set-up fee to work with Conduit so we ask for a three (3) month commitment. After this time period, you may cancel your account any time with thirty (30) days written notice.

There is no minimum time commitment per client when working with Conduit, if you want to run an awesome one (1) day campaign, we've got you!

There is an onboarding cost of $495 and a monthly connection fee of $895. 

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Conduit Digital works primarily with established Advertising Agencies in North America, the United Kingdom and Australia. We help agencies by reducing operating expenses and providing their clients a more diverse and advanced digital marketing experience.