Not Just Another White Label OTT Advertising Service

OTT (also known as CTV or Connected TV) is also the fastest growing digital advertising product at Conduit Digital! We are built to be your true partner in elevating OTT advertising capabilities for your clients – all in a premium white label format offered under your own brand. We’ve spent over 800 hours downloading and manually vetting more than 12,000 OTT applications to ensure unmatched levels of quality.

You Down With OTT?

Benefits of OTT Advertising


One commercial, multiple viewers! Mobile, Desktop, and Tablet ads rarely, if ever, deliver one ad impression to multiple viewers. With OTT your ad will be delivered to the largest screen and, on average, 1 out of every 3 ads is delivered to multiple viewers!

100x the Size

Your Ad deserves the best screen in the house! The typical 60″ Smart TV has more than 100 times the screen size of your typical mobile device and will deliver your message the way it was meant to be viewed!


Increase the targeting of your TV ads while keeping the value of the TV screen at a fraction of the cost. OTT is a cost-effective extension of any traditional TV campaign and should be used to maximize reach across traditional and digital!

The Right Team to Manage Your OTT Advertising

The Conduit team has invested countless hours in developing, testing, and refining whitelists of ideal OTT advertising platforms for every vertical imaginable. This allows us to custom-outfit each campaign to reach viewers that are most likely to engage with your client’s brand after being served an ad. This is how we’ve been able to serve billions of impactful ad impressions that drive campaign success. 

Why OTT is the Future of Television Advertising

Over-The-Top TV use is rapidly growing.  OTT offers significantly more granular targeting than Traditional TV and is delivered on a 1-to-1 cost model so understanding your reach is easier than ever before!

Looking to Add White Label OTT Advertising to Your Agency? 

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