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Our team combines industry expertise with a deep desire to help your agency scale. We directly manage each client’s campaigns to drive performance and deliver the results you’re looking for. Everything is managed in-house and never offshored or outsourced.

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Our Team is Your Agency’s Secret Weapon

From Ad Ops to Creative, Client Experience, and everything in between, we are the catalyst for scaling your business. By partnering with Conduit, you will be able to fill skill gaps, increase client volume, and access revolutionary reporting like no other solution. The best part? We are your partner, NOT your competitor.

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Tim Burke


Conduit fastest growing 2020

Tim C Burke

Director of Customer Experience

Rob Burke

Director of Ad Operations

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Our team, is YOUR team. We act as a full-service digital extension to your agency that mirrors drive, passion, and work & business ethics. If you are an agency decision maker and you are looking to discuss a potential digital performance partnership please select a date and time that works best for you. We look forward to meeting you!

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