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Pre-roll means viewers experience your ad before the actual video content the user intends to watch. Drive high levels of visibility, awareness, and action at a moment where your target audience is actively engaged with their screens!

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Video content is ubiquitous online. Whether reading the news, catching the highlights from last night’s game, or browsing an ecommerce site, you are going to encounter videos. Pre-roll video advertising ensures that your content takes the first place in line before the viewer can proceed to the content they clicked “play” for.


Pre-Roll Advertising Benefits

Some of the benefits that a strong pre-roll advertising strategy provides are:

Location Targeting

Reach target audiences based on a variety of location factors to help you reach specific viewers.

Expert Analysts

Our team of analysts are certified experts in their fields and manage all aspects of your campaign directly.

24/7 Live Reporting

Use our Live Report platform to continuously track campaign progress and share valuable data with your client.

Continuous Insights

Our analysts provide insights about your campaign performance on a regular basis through our Live Reports to help you better share intel with your client.

We’re the Best Pre-Roll Advertising Team to Power Your Agency

We’ve whitelisted thousands of websites that provide the best pre-roll video experience in order to ensure quality for your clients! There is a secret sauce to reach, frequency, and placement when it comes to pre-roll advertising and our team has this built to perfection ater billions and billions of pre-roll ads delivered!

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