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Did you know that there are over three hundred BILLION emails sent every DAY? Yours are your priority and we ensure they stand out!

Target Your Email Messaging

Our Approach

Remarketing Drops

Frequency is key to any email marketing campaign. With Remarketing Drops, we can deploy an automatic second email for your clients. Depending on goals, we can remarket to the following: Openers, Non-Openers, Clickers, Non-Clickers, Anyone who received.

Email Suppression

Using suppression, clients can elect not to target certain users if they feel they do not need to receive a certain email send. This can be determined by a CRM email list provided by the client, or we can also suppress anyone who received the previous email send, depending on the client’s goals.


Matchbacks are THE surefire way to measure ROI and ROAS through Targeted Email. Just send over a list of your client’s customer data 30 – 90 days after a send and we’ll match your client’s current customers with the people who received our send! If your CRM data includes the revenue generated for each email on the list, we can then also determine the actual revenue generated by our Email Send!

The Reach of Email Marketing Meets the Power of Targeting

Does your white label email marketing provider use a Comprehensive 3-tactic approach to ensure your clients receive industry-leading results? Because we do! We use a comprehensive suite of email marketing solutions that are designed to drive the best possible KPIs for your clients. Utilizing all three customized methods will certainly help to ensure your email campaign is successful!

Guaranteed Results

Have you ever been frustrated by a digital marketing solution not driving the results that your client was expecting? With Conduit Targeted Email, that’s something you’ll never have to worry about! We can offer your clients a guaranteed minimum 10% Open Rate & 2% Click Rate – meaning your Sales Team can be confident in setting expectations during the sales process!

Seamless Creative Process

Frustrated going back and forth over Creative approval? We feel your pain. We’ve designed our process specifically with this in mind, with the goal of alleviating any of that time-consuming ping pong of communication. We have analyzed 50M Email Sends to deterministically develop Engagement-Optimized Designs for your clients, with the necessary copy & assets clearly defined so you and your client know exactly what is needed on your side to launch each send! We can also work to develop custom email creatives to add more personalization.

Scale Your Agency by Sending Better Emails

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